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learn how to play guitar fast online
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How to play bass?

I'm 14 and want to learn to play bass, bass guitar has 4 strings and has a amplifier, and the need to know: How much effort should I be prepared to do to become a guitarist advrage low. How long does it take to become a bass guitar advrage. what I mean by advrage is being able to hit notes with several fingers several times. Can I have a website or a link who can help me my proublm. proublme me is that I can scratch, i I can not move his fingers so fast, I saw all the videos on youtube and I'm not ready to spend money on lessons, valves etc online. I just want to learn guitar and bass and advrage. if you please help me a body that I'm really ready to put much effort for her. I want to impress my dad, mom and family and if you please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friedl

Hey, I'll try to help. I will honest with you, the bass can be as easy or difficult as you want it. What I mean is that the bass can make your bass lines follow the trend is just a note on the length chain being played by the guitarist, or you can play complex bass lines. As a beginner you need to stick to bass lines easier. Look for Blink 182 tabs, ideal for beginners bears. Now, because you're a beginner will take some time to be good, Most professionals have played all his life and who are still learning, that learning never ends. With the bass has to decide on the use a peak or fingers. look good to you, in fact an ideal site for beginners is the bassist and the general downward

learn how to play guitar fast online

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