Fender Acoustic Electric Guitar

fender acoustic electric guitar
Fender Malibu CE Acoustic/Electric Guitar Review & Demo

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Is it acceptable to play an acoustic-electric guitar without an amp?

I have an Ibanez acoustic guitar .. Used an acoustic guitar Fender, but I did not like the sound of it all. so now that I spent in a hurry, I realzied trash without an amplifier. Is it OK to play guitar acoustic-electric without an amp? Can I use the same tuner i did for my acoustic guitar?

technique that has answered his own question. a acoustic guitar does not need an amplifier, an electric motor. if you have an acoustic guitar, electric, you can use an amplifier or not. so the real question is …. using an acoustic guitar amplifier of your age?!? a guitar tuner can be used with any guitar. certainly wrong category

fender acoustic electric guitar