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the guitar play along series
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How do I use, and low medium high for my distortion sound better?

I can play in a band that plays soft and melodic chorus, with riffs and bursts of metal and I'm still confused about how to get my sound right. I know that the EQ knobs on the head can a great help, I was wondering where in each stage should be to produce a distortion clean, clear and heavy. My guitar is a Schecter Diamond series with EMG pickups and the guitar sounds good, I would like to know the pleasure of having the best sound possible. Please help

There is no answer your question. Depends on what you like to hear the acoustics and the sound of another band member. It also depends on the amplifier (Not mentioned). A board that I will give you is do not pull all of its mid-range sounds. I heard a lot of metal guitarists do. And while it sounds good if you play solo, is a terrible sound for playing live. Without the media, the drums come alive guitar sound technician prospectively. After that, just take control and see what works in your situation. The settings I use for a trio of energy are very different for when I play in a 6 prog rock band! Good luck. Greetings from Austin, Tx Ken

the guitar play along series