List Of Top Bass Guitar Players

list of top bass guitar players
Top 10 Best Rock Bassist Ever ( Opinion)

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songs on guitar?

I want to burn a CD. 7 CD of cover songs of great songs. I need a good band. I need a singer, drummer and bassist. I live in Florida. In any event, including 7 songs that I covered for? Please give me your top 7 list rock songs. Now my two favorites are Marilyn Manson, Fight Song "and seethers make-believe.

Well, it looks like you're in a metal if not …. Killswitch Engage – This fire burns, Korn – thoughtless System of a Down – Toxicity Lamb of God – Descending Evanescence – Bring Me To Life (rare, I know) Godsmack – I Stand Alone Alter Bridge – Metalingus If you are not in Evanescence, then …. Linkin Park – A place for my head

list of top bass guitar players

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