Learn How To Play Guitar Jack Johnson

learn how to play guitar jack johnson
Jack Johnson – Better Together – Acoustic Guitar Lesson- how to play on guitar

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Learning to play guitar… with no guitar?

Okay, I’m in quite a pickle haha.
I want to learn how to play guitar, but i owe my parents 300 for my speeding ticket so as of now, buying a guitar is out of the question.
I want to learn so i could sing a song by Jack Johnson called “Do You Remember” to my girlfriend. Cheesy, Corny, Cliche, whatever…

Do you have any suggestions on what i could do to learn to play this song without a guitar (lol)
or somehow obtain a guitar without paying more than $50?
Definitely not a V-Day treat 😉

Pay your ticket, save your money, get a $100 guitar, learn to play it, then play the song for your girlfriend. She’ll probably appreciate it.

And slow down, you must have been going way too fast to earn a $300 ticket. Think about what else you could have done with that money (you could get a sweet guitar for $300).

learn how to play guitar jack johnson

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