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Optimization of chromatic guitar tuner (gStrings)?

Im back to playing the guitar (or music for that matter), and I am a little confused about how to use this tuner … I downloaded the application gStrings the droid, but the notes C, C #, D, D #, E, F, F #, G, G #, A, A #, b. From what I've learned the ropes of the guitar is EAD IS F. .. How to tune my guitar, even if the notes and the strings are named differently? (And if I could explain how, and do not know much about music = s) were taught and set to tune with harmonics. I do not understand the tuner xD

For what it's worth, normally open strings are not set to an F as you say, your EADGBE E. Just play the string, and if his tone too high or too low in the tuner, the string to its right. So if you're in a chain E, and is represented in F #, which is two semitones too high. The sound card is: CC # DD # EFF # GG # Bb A BC

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