Guitar Practice Schedule

guitar practice schedule
BC-119 • Stage 1 Practice Schedule (Guitar Lesson)

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Hours of practice to become a guitar shredder.?

I play acoustic guitar a year and a half and recently converted to power in November. What schedule should be used in practice to become a guitar shredder in July 2008 when i practice 4 hours a day. I can use four fingers, use the collection and spare warm-up in 1234 and do exercises every day. I can play scales at 140 beats own per minute (eighth) and can switch between the basic chords pretty well. I can easily play songs like Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls by Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box, etc. Also, this is satisfactory progress in a year and a half

First work on his collection. Learn to play the "snow" Red Hot Chili Peppers, "last resort" by Papa Roach, or "wicked confessions" (and remember the palm of silence for this song) Avenged Sevenfold. Then learn the fingering of a hammer and remove the entire surface of the guitar with each finger. Remember, if you feel a burn on the wrist is a good sign. This means that the muscles that are required play fast, they are becoming stronger.

guitar practice schedule