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Your Love Oh Lord (Third Day) Guitar Lesson (Guitarmann Essentials Video Series)

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Can you answer the question of music theory?

This is not my question, haha .. Question 4 is a game, so I was not sure how you can ask .. How can I know what notes and chords sound good together on the guitar? Also, I know there are things ABCDEFG and as major, minor, etc. (what we call, after scoring the letter as "major" for example.) Who, for each letter, do I practice? I also need an explanation on reproduction in certain "key", "domain" and "octave", this they are and how they differ? So to summarize: How to make music that sounds good with a) all notes b) all agreements c) the mix of both? What type of every note I must learn to be essential to playing guitar (I maj and minor are two of them)? What are these entries after the letter official is his name? Some information play in the main (most important). And a little info on the eighth and pitching.? It would help me a lot! Thank you in advance.

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learn to play guitar essentials