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acoustic guitar sale

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Epiphone makes a good acoustic guitar?

I'm going to buy a guitar this summer to start and where I learn to like an Epiphone. I do not want to pay too much and I start, so it is for sale. But the guitar is about 40 comments and 5 star. Is that correct? Other Suggestions? Thank you

Epiphone guitars are made in China under license from Gibson Company in Nashville, Tennessee. The guitars are mediocre, but are reasonable choice for a beginner. The problem with the guitars made in China in general is that their quality control is not as strong in the U.S. What is the quality can vary from one sample to the same model guitar. It is best to buy in a music store where you can try first. Cheap, very cheap especially the acoustics often come with a wooden lid, which is a killer your reality. If you buy an Epiphone, at least get one with a solid wood top. Good luck.

acoustic guitar sale