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What is a good strategy to transcribe piano music on guitar / ukulele?

I want to take a little music piano and play my ukulele. im theres software that can do it, but I want to do it manually to learn the process. Is there a strategy to follow to do this? I have a card key uke and notes, but how the proper organization of ion octaves?

A piano has 7 octaves, half 4 are used everywhere all the time, while the standard is not entirely a ukulele and a half. So you must leave something, to compress a string octave, etc. Sometimes it works and sometimes it seems ridiculous. The guitar has 3 ½ years, chances are better. But here's an approach – 1 – find the chords of the measures, if it is not marked in the score now. 2 – transposing the melody from the biggest key you can, on its axes, without neglecting with higher scores. But: Sometimes you can replace the lowest note of the chord that harmonizes the melody on a good note and without warning. Plus you get the melody, the fourth lowest for strings. This is important because the ear can hear high notes if you want the best score of the melody. This way, be a little larger than the agreements, it is assumed that in the background. 3 – Integrate the chords in the key you put the melody in 4 – Now Learn the fingering, scratching, etc., to play the melody and chords of the new key. This gives a so-called agreement ". 5 – Practice, practice, practice, it works for the songs, but not for both of Bach fugues, etc.

learn guitar fretboard software