Rock Band Play Guitar And Sing

rock band play guitar and sing
Rockband The Beatles

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Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I know the rock band …. if you can use the battery and sing …… but drums wat r gonna be like … its going ….. boring if you do not have good songs that can not only choose the songs you have to collect the specifc. The guitars are not a diffrenet practailly guitar hero, but 10 keys! Woo hoo! Guitar Hero is the guitar hero …… and his guitar hero 1 and 2 ….. unless u is love and only wants to play new songs for u sooo personally, I like having a drummer thats what rock band together, but I do not know what … HELP ?!?!?!? ooo by the way rock band are u can have up to 4 people play on a screen or just two?

Guitar Hero will be a guitar hero like its always been, except that I think add head battles rock band is tight, but I'm not down with the singing aspect battery looks a bit small and the screen is very busy as it is 4 "cargo bars" and the Bar of the voice through the top = Kv3InVmyqZ4

rock band play guitar and sing