Display And Play Guitar Cases

display and play guitar cases
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Chamber music!?

I'm 14 and I'm moving into a new house. Buit still now, but we'll go in the next months. I and my sister convinced my parents to give us the guest room in the music room. I play electric guitar (and hopefully a acoustic days) flute, piano, and I have a keyboard, too. And my sister is going to make a battery and plays the French horn. For the room is used for playing our instruments and all that. I was wondering what you think would be a nice room design. The main goal is the drumset, piano and keyboard. I have two guitars, and I was wondering if I display them in the guitar instead of putting them in boxes. Please give me advice on the design of the room! So I was wondering how can decorate to make it look cooler. It is not possible to paint the walls, but is there any way we can do more than just an empty room with plain white walls? All advice and help is appreciated!

This looks like fun! I would like to show their guitars instead of using cases (only to save room), but the screen on the wall. Especially since the battery will take a little space. He could also see French horn on the wall. I find the images you wish to have a musical theme, and if you go to the wonderful graffiti you could have a title of his song Here letters put in a quote that can put on their walls. They are easily removed (this is essentially a transfer) so that should go well with her mother. Also, if someone of you have favorite music – that would frame and use it to perform its work of art.

display and play guitar cases