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best guitar learning cd
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How difficult is it to learn?

hey. I had a Fender electric guitar-strategy since I was 13 years. I goofed off with him again and again, but never sat down and took the time to learn to play for real. I'm seriously learning to play guitar. Is it really difficult to learn? I watched the cd that came with my friends trying to learn the notes and chords of acoustic guitar and I was looking for in the booklet that came with the guitar chords and notes and I am so frustrated and put it back because I was absolutely awful and could not remember anything of it when I went to something else. What is the best way to learn the guitar and what is the quickest way to more effective? I think the guitar is beautiful and I love listening to people playing, love to play in identifying a beautiful song about it, but I feel it is too difficult for me to go down. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you guys!

It is quite, IMO, the best online source for learning to play guitar, as they have over 35 teachers each have their own style, which are cheap, but they have high quality video, and great support. They teach you many genres and many different songs to choose from. Best of all, everything starts from the beginning if you need it. I love this site.

best guitar learning cd