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learn guitar drills
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help please Guitar ????????…….?

So I'm a beginner guitar and I'm learning the acoustic guitar on mine. Note that I already read music and played piano for 11 years, so you know about chords and harmony and so on, and destined to become a music school (I 16). I have a book for beginners guitar, but I really want to know the details of the guitar m maintenance.I and good tuning, so I do not really need help, but he needs to know to protect my guitar. Like how do I know if the strings are not good, and how to change. "I can do myself? I also put on a guitar strap, but my guitar has only one button on the end Is it possible to put on the table without having to drill a hole in the guitar Another important I should know about the guitar would be great. When I can take to replace the strings? Guitar Center stands as not it? How much would it cost

As for changing the strings when they are being oxidized and old and / or failure, which can take several weeks to several years, you should. Normally, the guitar strings are replaced once a months. for their first time Let a professional do it, but since they are more familiar with your guitar, do it yourself. In addition, every 6 months, it leads to be prepared in clean, fix ropes, straighten all that has collapsed (bridge, nut, etc.), and most things in general guitar. as said before I just tie the other end of the strap around the neck

learn guitar drills