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guitar learning books online
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Are there any acoustic guitar you need to know a line of good acoustic guitar community site / forum?

I pray that I practice like the guitar for 12 hours a day, with several books .. Some are more useful not because they do not contain enough of the theory of guitar. I Recent buy a cheap book on ebay that ended up being a pdf that immediately after payment to download and I must say that this must be the best help me so far. The theory of this book is very useful .. one step at a time. Learned the notes on the mast in a few more hours. How I never come to a section deals with barre chords and I am 50% to 50% can be confused with this and therefore I can not go forward. Thus, a site from the guitar with a real forum for students and experienced players helpful would be an ideal place for me to register. If you know to please let me know the URL. Thank you in advance.

These are my two favorites, one to go on technical issues, you just have to learn new music. ultimate and fun!

guitar learning books online