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Where is it good to learn jazz guitar cheaply?

I want to engrose myself in some kind of school or part of the world to learn jazz or latin guitar. I have very little money and have not played properly for years but know how to play the basics but without theory. I am going to Thailand soon and will hope to get some cheap lessons out there but want to be able to play solo jazz and was thinking somewhere cheap to live and learn might be southern america. Any ideas or suggestions are really really appreciated. Thankyou

It’s hard to find a Jazz guitar school in Thailand.
Mostly the music school is for children and teach classic guitar.
Or general electric guitar.

The only one as far as I know that teach Jazz guitar is PRAT music school.
It is the very serious music school, I believe.

Try check the site (most details in Thai though)


I think they charge 500 THB per hour. Teaching one-on-one.

Here’s the map


learn guitar properly

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