Spanish Guitar Lessons

spanish guitar lessons
Classical Guitar Lessons : Spanish Guitar for Beginners

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What should I try to buy my first guitar?

I'm learning, but I have no guitar. What should I look for in a guitar? I want to learn Spanish, classical and blues. Thank you! Incidentally, what is a realistic price range? I do not want a cheap-o that has not good, but not want to spend a fortune either. Thank you! Smiley Face: Dude, what are the electric guitars. Spanish electric guitar? : ^ Acoustic, my dear.

For classic Spanish and you want a nylon string classical guitar, but that does not work so well for the blues, but it can certainly play the blues with a classical guitar. You actually want a guitar with a solid wood top (usually spruce or cedar). Back Solid wood and the sides are good too, but usually only found on more expensive guitars. Guitar economical to use plywood sides and back. This is a beautiful and relatively cheap guitar with classic cedar top and Bubinga back and sides (the beautiful look of wood): If want to go a little cheaper guitars Yamaha verification. PS – Do not waste your money on electronics, if you learn to play. GuitarChris Sorry, the $ 399 electro-acoustic guitars have recommended might be good for you, but do not you need a lead guitarist. You do not have to spend $ 100 more for electronics will not use it anyway. Spend the extra on a better instrument that sounds good and plays well off.

spanish guitar lessons