I Want To Play Guitar Now

i want to play guitar now
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How can i convince my parents to get me a acoustic guitar?

My parents think i want to play just because I enjoy Taylor Swifts music. But here is the whole idea. When I was younger i want to play the flute. i almost got to but some lady told me about it and never got to learn how to play. NOW i want to play the guitar and their telling me “no” again.
How do I convince them?

Maybe Taylor Swift has made you become excited about guitar — and that is OK! That’s how many kids get into music. I can understand your parent’s concern though, they might put out a lot of money for a guitar and lessons and you stick with it for three weeks when you find out it’s lots of work. So what can you do to mitigate their worries?

Where can you learn guitar? Are there classes at school, through a community center, or at a community college (non-credit classes) so they’re inexpensive? Find the lessons at a reasonable cost so they know you’re serious about playing the guitar.

You can likely rent a guitar for about $20 and up a month, and the rental amount may go toward purchasing a guitar depending on the store.

Get together all the information and present it to them. Do you work, can you contribute to the expense? Will you promise them to stick with it for an amount of time and set up a practice schedule? What about as a holiday or birthday present?

At first, you won’t sound so good, although with the guitar you can get to sounding OK quicker than with many instruments. So stay with it and you will improve a lot after awhile.

Good luck!

i want to play guitar now

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