Can I Play Guitar Hero Online Now

can i play guitar hero online now
Finally, Guitar Hero-ic Game for Actual Guitar

Want more? Go here:

Guitar Secrets Of The Legends

And get started.

Does anyone have an Xbox Live wants to be my friend?

hello im justinianobm Xbox Live and I neeed more friends to play games and stuff like this. if you add me tell me ur username and if you want me to send ua request or if ur send me one:) I can also say that one these games they have for the 360 (these are the games i have) Halo 3, Halo Wars, Guitar Hero World Tour, GTA 4, Bioshock, NBA 2K8. I'm online if you want to play a game or sumthing! Thank you!

Ok, so here is my gamertag: x328x IHitmanI And I have GTA 4, CoD 4 and 5, Gears of War 2, 50 Cent: search engine, Quantum of Solace ….

can i play guitar hero online now