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master and learn guitar lessons
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How to use a hoe or not?

Learn to play guitar and am in Lesson 3 to learn and master guitar, but I find it difficult using the needle and find it easier using the side of my thumb I can feel the bites better, is not very large or is not acceptable for learning?

This is not the worst thing in the world to play with the thumb, but eventually you'll have to learn to play the right way … Why not now? Using a peak (spike) is not the only way play, but it's as if you were trying to use your thumb as a selection. If your style over time will require the use of a van you're probably better off learning to use one now, instead of unlearning "scratch thumb" below. If your style leans toward the picking, what is done with the thumb is not likely that a good way for the style. You're at a very early stage of learning. The use a plectrum is, of course, is uncomfortable. Strum a little thumb does not hurt, but not dismiss it as too difficult. Maybe an aid to fine selection. They come in different thicknesses. Try a light. Set aside some time to practice and focus solely on the strumming to recovery. Keep a rope and just scratching. Keep your wrist loose, and not pick tight …… just enough to prevent slipping. Good luck … is coming.

master and learn guitar lessons