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learn guitar for beginners
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very easy to learn guitar songs for beginners what?

I learn and I'm not the greatest guitar player that I can play some songs but not so good, id like learning to play slipknot, but I think I'm good, but could you tell me some good songs to play and learn, and send me labels that are easy to read

Hello! I'm in the same situation, but I do not get help, as the spread, to my knowledge. IF you want to target electric guitar chords easy to learn songs by groups which the singer plays guitar. These groups like Green Day and Sum 41 is easy because it is very difficult to sing and play at the same time, have to play easy songs so that they can do both. The first song I learned on guitar was Before I Forget by Slipknot. (The best class as ever:) Other songs are very simple "Sweet Dreams of Marilyn Manson (He has a hand very lonely) Slipknot Liberate Nymphetamine (a little hard) Cradle Of Filth animals that have become Three Days Grace Marilyn Manson Coma White of all these little metal songs are easy to advanced. VAT metal increasingly easy ear band is Marilyn Manson, all the pieces of their Easy to play, learn and have fun minipulate. Have a ball. ROCK ON! M / (-.-) m /

learn guitar for beginners

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