How To Play Guitar Small Hands

how to play guitar small hands
Guitar Guy Basics FAQs #4 – Are My Hands Too Big (Or Too Small?)

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Advice please! I want to learn to play guitar! Few questions.?

HIIII, I want to learn to play guitar (at again) I tried to sound before and it hurts your fingers, so I thought I'll try one electric moment. But where is the best place to buy a used car (United Kingdom)? And this is a good price? Do I need an amplifier for this? How much power should be? Also, I small hands it affect my game? What is the best way to learn? hehe sorry for all the questions. Please back to me. xxxx

A pawn shop is the best place to find an instrument. Go to the music section of sheet music store and find a leaf that has many songs you love to learn. Buy now at home, going to through it. If a song is difficult, go to another, and to return later. You do not really need an amplifier to learn to play, unless they feel very anti-social. Wet your fingertips left hand with alcohol after finishing play, and let air dry. You build calluses quickly. Good luck.

how to play guitar small hands