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learn guitar neck free
Beginner Guitar Lesson #2 “Knowing the Neck”

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Any girls playing a guitar neck width?

I met a friend who likes to get rid of a guitar, because it did not like the wide neck. Would it be difficult for me to learn a wide neck of the guitar as a delivery girl? Is there a correlation between the size of the hand and neck size, or is it just a coincidence? Thank you!

It is not really a correlation between the size of the hand and width of the neck, but if you have small hands and play the guitar with a wide neck (or classical), then you have to reach much longer to reach some agreements others. Also, having a large neck means that the strings are further apart, which may be more difficult to play certain agreements that need to play two or more channels with one finger. However, mass is an advantage if you play lines, especially the melody, not bonk on other channels with the same ease. However, you may have trouble learning in a wider guitar, but on the other hand, if you've never played before, then you may not notice a problem.

learn guitar neck free