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11 players guitar brand prejudicial errors and how to avoid

info on training days over the guitar week, work hard, and is passionate about his guitar playing, but always looking to be able to play the guitar as they want? They are frustrated because they not improving fast enough begin to doubt their ability to play the guitar, or even feel disappointed or angry against themselves thinking about how long it takes to become a better guitarist.

Can you deal with that? Of course you can just described myself 15 years ago.

There are specific reasons for guitarists go through the frustration and disappointment. Here are the 11 best guitarists make mistakes and repeat again and again that probably should be avoided.

  1. Education himself to play guitar. Many people try to to learn to play guitar. Yes, it is well known that some players were "somewhat" self, but do not suggest that the following strategy, even if their favorite player was self-taught. If you are 100% sure that you can build powerful and efficient learning and training themselves, it very well. However, if you're like most of us can alone the harder, more time is stressful and frustrating to learn anything whatsoever. It is a mistake to avoid. Some guitar players, I think, impress others, if they say, "I am a self taught guitarist. This statement could impress people without experience little, but it is taught is not a "badge of honor. "Would you rather impress others with his guitar or with a TAT of the minor on your guitar? I do not criticize the self-guitarist taught, I'm just saying that there is no advantage of being self-taught … rather, it is true that being "self" makes us more "original." In fact, the opposite is often true.
  1. Guitar lessons Guitar ineffective teachers. Unfortunately, the electric guitar Most teachers receive training on how to teach guitar ZERO. The worst thing is that the vast majority of teachers does little or nothing to improve their teaching skills on the guitar. Want proof? Use the word Google Toolbar. Type this key sentence: "for improve guitar skills of teaching, training of teaching skills on the guitar "or" guitar and Education is less than 10 searches per month are made for these issues in google! Of course, there are masters of the electric guitar very effective all, but there is much more ineffective teachers. Here is a free resource on how to make the difference between good teachers and mediocre guitar, without a guide: how to find a guitar teacher
  1. New Guitar quest for information (tips, tricks, cards) without a proven strategy to achieve specific goals Music. We need information, advice, support and music to play, but the result of strategic learning and training process specific for you, your skill level, musical style and what you want to be able to do as a guitarist, information do you want to go. It is better to get help in developing a customized strategy for you to become a better guitarist. After strategy is in place, then it is time to deal with learning the right information.
  1. Without knowing precisely I want to be able to play. Most guitarists are not accurate enough when you think (or tell others) what they want to be able to do with his guitar. Say, "I play what I want to play" is too vague. How can you (or your guitar teacher) to develop a strategy for guitar specific training and efficient unless they have specific goals? That's like saying you want to be a great athlete, how can you train the elusive goal? Of course there are things you can do to be faster, stronger, more flexible or that either, but it is much easier if you first get specific, as I train at a gym or a long distance runner, or a body builder. If you still can be improved without a strategy, but much longer and be much more frustrating. You can always change your goal if you discover later that you want to do something else.
  1. Just do not focus on things that matter most to you with a better guitar player. Have you fallen into the trap of practicing the guitar, without focusing in specific things can quickly start to improve your guitar playing? Many people do not really understand and apply this concept in sufficient detail …. for example, I have a student named Mark, who used to take lessons from another teacher in the past. Marcos was studying sweep picking arpeggios with his former professor, and some progress was made. However, Mark did not understand what things "specific" I had to focus on first before attempting master sweep picking arpeggios I practiced. It was on hold and make you feel very frustrated. Former Professor Mark knew that "teach" general concepts and arpeggios sweep picking. I was not sure how to "learn" to Marcos with specific things to focus and how to overcome the challenges that Marcos had. For a small example of this check this short sweep picking video lesson.
  1. Most of them focus too much on things that are not essential to its objectives. addition to not focus on specific things, many players are focused on "Bad things" guitar. Some enthusiastic players and became temporarily obsessed by things that are distractions from other things that might help his guitar more. Here's an example: I feel so frustrated and angry when he could not not play something perfectly, I lock myself in my room practicing guitar and say, "I will not leave the room until I this sentence if I cursed the next 19 hours! No breaks! No food! There is no human contact, I have this thing! "And I became a teacher. At first sight one might think that if you were on track and practice in the right direction …. But really, I was wasting my time to stop being angry and frustrated. I did not invest my time wisely practice the guitar, focusing on things that mattered most to do a better guitarist. In other words, my perseverance is commendable, but my master important strategy for long-term objectives was weak. I allowed myself to be distracted. I do I make this same mistake, and call for help too! Focus on things that really matter to your guitar playing now. If you are unsure yes how to find a guitar teacher showed today.
  1. Focus on the right things, but in the wrong order. It's a common mistake many players make even the advanced guitar that does a lot of wasted time and frustration. Imagine you want to improve its ability to create their own cool guitar solos. Suppose you're advanced enough to really understand all primary and secondary elements composing solo guitar (or guitar teacher for help.) Each of the many elements that must be acquired and Or practical, to easily create stunning solos that you like. Where to begin? What should focus first, second, third? Which of these things, if they practice at the same time? There is always a specific order in which the music must learn and master the skills to exploit their skills music. Unfortunately, this order is totally different for each person, the style of music, the purpose of music, a set of skills and knowledge, giving the example of this would be unnecessary. My best advice, the teacher can find and study with him / her to be able to do what you do with your guitar much faster and easier.
  1. Do not isolate the problem areas. Guitarists Few are aware of small things hold them in any way possible. Because these small imperfections seem insignificant to us that they are often ignored. The truth is that small hinges open big doors. In the video above, I explained how to let his guitar pick to falter when "no take" a note on the guitar makes your game slow and soft …. you will feel very frustrated. So I was sure to make a special point to help prevent this error. Take a look at the video clip lesson collected small bar for details.
  1. Learn and practice the guitar in a step by step linear process. "The next linear stage a stage of learning, practice and mastery of the guitar seems like common sense to you? Yes, it … And that is why guitarists who follow this path are not great guitarists. I'll let the secret inside … The truth is that, following a linear approach learning guitar, practice guitar, and mastering the guitar is the number one reason "GOOD guitarists" striving to become "big players "…
  1. Practice the guitar the same way your favorite Guitar Guitarists practice. Have you read about his favorite guitar practice guitar players and then tried to repeat the same practice routine? Yes, I made this mistake too! It seems natural to use a program like guitar practice our favorite guitar players are using. It is a mistake, because their current level of skills and knowledge of the guitar is probably very different from his favorite player. Their challenges and needs are probably not the same as yours.

Professional players practical reasons the guitar different than most fans do. For example, before recording a new album I will play very differently compared to the period before you go on tour. Once I really dates of changes in my practice routine radically new. The rest of the year, my practice schedule changes again. This is because in each case, my goals are completely different. When my students ask me guitar, "Tom, how to practice guitar?" I am careful not to let my students who must take action concrete in the same way I do. His practice of strategy and programming must be built around you and you alone! If you need help build your training schedule, send an email directly.

  1. On learning of many different sources of information as well. There will always be many opportunities for learning and different paths to take, but it is essential not diversion in the following a tip from a person, then another tip of another person, then move more resources from elsewhere and thus on and so forth … while different people may have good ideas but the fact is, distraction is a major reason why many guitar players who are actively learning, not really fast forward … these people are busy following resources totally different teachers, philosophies, instructional videos, free guitar lessons online, but what drives them to take a step forward then two steps to the right, then a step forward, then 3 steps to the left, then step back, then two right and one step forward and one step closer to the left …

An example of this is shown below. The first is obviously the most direct way to achieve your goals. The second is filled with many distractions ineffective who come from different advice from many sources (copy this link into your browser window):

Once you have an effective strategy to become the guitar player you want to be, always stay focused on it (unless your goals change dramatically)! The best way is to have a guitar teacher from primary to help you become the musician you really want to be.

This does not mean you should not take advice from other people too, but you have a "primary" source of information, education and training and to see other opinions as additional resources, but not distracted by it.

play guitar zero online for free