Learn Guitar Using Guitar Pro

learn guitar using guitar pro
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Guitar or drums?

I learned the guitar for a little over a month and know all the basic chords such as A, C, D, E, F, G and some minor chords like Em, Bm, and Dm. I can play a few songs, but using only those agreements and I can not really play until the end. I played on an acoustic guitar. Drums have been interesting for me. But I have nothing to do with practice and I can not afford a battery if I wanted to play with them. But I probally could rent a pad. Which instrument has more advantages? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? I am 14 years old and I really want to learn an instrument before it is too late. thank you!

I play the bass drum and Guti. When I started, I was in possion same thing as you. Drums or guitar? As a friend of mine sold me a bass and I love it. A little later, I bought a battery and a guitar, but I like even better than those low wall made of leather. If I were you friends try to play an instrument before investing in your self. Disadvantages of the guitar if you play in a band almost anyone can play someting on guitar and can be difficult to find a group. Pros and sounds good is not as expensive as the drums. Once you do not will not change that others Mutch. Break cons drums band, and a little difficult to get contact. professionals once they got together, they make small improvements. Once it has you should be able to most things by ear. It is difficult to find a drummer in a band (at least good) i cons I can not really think of the other chains characters are a little big herd and barley on drums and guitar in jam sessions. Professional bass can do more than simply playing with a peak as does the guitar. (You can slap and pop, play with your fingers or a cover). Songs are easy to leave moderet. Very easy to grasp. (I dance dance have played the first day that my low despite the introduction was a little).

learn guitar using guitar pro