Guitar Players Gear List

guitar players gear list
Dustie Waring (BTBAM Guitar Player) shows his gear

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I need information on the Xbox 360, please help?

When I look at the back of 360 games players have information that the number of players, force feedback, voice, the wheel, download content, etc. I have some questions: 1 Can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can find a list of all the information that appears on the back to play 360 games? Of That way I know everything, in general what it means. 2 Is there a way for me to build the profile information? For example, I have about three profiles various Guitar Hero 2 for Gears of War. You answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much …

1. In the lower back any information, each circle by a box. Boxes orange means it is for and green living is about to play the game does not live. 2. I have no idea, but I do not think not. Try to call Xbox support. They know it. I hope this helped

guitar players gear list

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