List Of Best Bass Guitar Players

list of best bass guitar players
The Greatest Bass Players

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What is the best electric guitar for a beginner and the type of music I like?

Okay so I saved a little money and I'm looking to buy a new guitar. I've played in recent years and now that I started to write my own lyrics and put music to it. The only problem is I have no idea of the guitar to get. Some people told me when a Stratocaster, some people told me a Telecaster, and some people told me a Les Paul / SG. Then there are those who say Ibanez or Yamaha. I just wanted some opinions on what people think of the guitar after the first guitar player. I kept a list of the type of bands I like and whose music I like learning. Thank you all for your help! Red Hot Chili Peppers John Mayer Anberlin Brand New Taking Back Sunday Motion City Soundtrack Rage Against the Machine / Audioslave Fall Out Boy You get the idea haha. Again, thank you for your help!

I start with a stratocaster used if you can get your hands on one. His first guitar was will not end up playing the guitar seriously. It also depends on what kind of music each one of the artists you will play. Some of each of their stuff is made in the other an acoustic electric, pure electric guitar. Another reason would be a place stratocaster Decent start is its ease to different types of distortions that may be in search of lost time. Is used because it is not necessary to buy a new guitar to learn.

list of best bass guitar players