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Nintendo DSi Are there plans for Guitar Hero On Tour compatible?

According to Wiki Guitar Hero games are not compatible with the DSi, as it lacks the port Plug-in grip. I do not know how old the article is, but not very. Are there plans to make them compatible and can play on the DSi without the handle?

It is unfortunate, but I'm afraid not. Because the fact is that no port in the front to be there, as you say, it will not work. It can not get everything that has only two points: the magazine and audio output. This means that the developer has no choice but to use to connect the "grip" in However, there's a game of Guitar Hero DS work with the Guitar Hero 5 (only works for the Wii). Guitar Hero 5, can play a roadie called battle mode, where he has a guitar duel DSi and works as a roadie damage on opposing teams. No need for additional software because it works directly from the download games.

plug and play guitar games