Play Guitar Instructions

play guitar instructions
Guitar Lessons – Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley , Leonard Cohen Shrek Beginner

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How can I learn to play guitar?

What a good website that gives very good instructions for beginners. I've never played and have no idea, but I really want to learn. is a good site with all sorts of guitar lessons and articles. page guitar is great are also free courses on YouTube. Guitar for Dummies is a great book to teach. I used it and some friends have used. It starts with teaching the forms of agreements and shows how to read tab. Once I learned a few chords I searched the net to tab some songs I knew and found some who were able to play chords. I practice the songs I've learned. Chordia is a good place for the tab. Here are some sites online courses … Hope that helps. Good luck!

play guitar instructions