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complete learn to play guitar manual
complete learn to play lead guitar manual

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The contrast of a finger on the technique?

Hello, I'm learning the bass guitar in the book "Learning to play a full manual bass "Stephan Richter. I came across an article on you" finger box "technique and found that my fingers can not stretch well of 4 plates, and when I try it a little uncomfortable. More or less wanted to know if I have good technique and whether or not it is intended to be cumbersome. Some advice Bass technique can also be seen

ibdastevie given exactly the same technique that I taught, but never knew where it comes from. It is very useful exercises and a lot less pressure on your hand. There are situations where you must use your pinkie and ring separately but generally able to use them together. Finally, your hand will be bigger and stronger so you do not feel so bad, but with the little finger and ring assembly must be something which they always do unless you use them individually.

complete learn to play guitar manual