Play Guitar By Ear Dvd

play guitar by ear dvd
5-6 Andy Timmons – Guitar Lesson For Beginner

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How can I improve the guitar?

I have all the basics very well. I played a few years and has developed a good technique. I really do not know where to go from here. I have a good guitar and good amp, but I feel that my team is better than me. I can read most songs chips do, but I have problems trying to play stuff like At the Drive-In, Minus the Bear and Radiohead's ear. I really be a great guitarist, but I'm not sure what more practice. Are there any DVDs that we may serve intermediate guitarists? I will be grateful for any advice I receive.

I would like to suggest some lessons with a teacher who is more to get to play by ear than by books next lesson. In addition, there is nothing like playing with a group, as with other musicians who are open to new ways to play and you grows. Good luck.

play guitar by ear dvd