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play guitar pc software
Donna Lee (by Charlie Parker), theme and my solo, slow tempo

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Why do I get a loud sound (like clicking) when I connect my guitar to the computer (without amplifier) and Guitar Rig using 3.?

I do not have an amplifier and I'm on the PC as a distortion of the amplifier in Guitar Rig software .. I connect my guitar port.does something bad mic my new guitar? or need a good amp? the guitar sounds good, if the platform about three guitar i PC game software and simply help .. plz

koz it can on the ground. You may select the input control mono or stereo and balance to reduce noise. A few days ago I had the same problem i na mono line input and the balance is a snub to the right. soldiers all the noise was reduced. but if u feel electric shock by touching the strings of the guitar obviously ur den 4 Connecting mass koz

play guitar pc software