Can Xbox Guitar Play On Ps3

can xbox guitar play on ps3
Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3

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PS2 Guitar Hero 3 work on PS3 Rock Band?

I haved used the guitar for GH3 (Xbox 360 version) on my friends xbox 360 rock band so I wondering if my friends ps2 GH3 guitar would play on my PS3 Rock Band PS3 you can play PS2 games and these

You can not use any guitar Guitar Hero on the PS3 version of Rock Band, while the PS3 guitar. There is a rumor that Harmonix is preparing a patch for the game Rock Band for PS3, but the patch release was blocked by its parent company. In all cases, the only way to use a guitar in rock band on the PS3 right now is the guitar included. There are two separate guitars next month – one of the Nyko and a parent company Rock Band. The Nyko is the only thing that works in both games.

can xbox guitar play on ps3