How To Play Guitar Scales Together

how to play guitar scales together
Guitar Basics for Beginners : How to Play Major Scales on Guitar

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How to play guitar and sing at the same time?

I can not play and sing along. I played guitar for about a week, and I know that nearly 7 chords, but when I try to build something, can not do one without the other. I guess it does that practice, but do you know of any type of exercise that can help me? Perhaps the work of my scales and singing the same note as I play? How effective is or Mess Me Up? A person is a second guitarist find an agreement with the intention of making art. A person is a photographer for the first time you take a photo with the intention of making art. I'm not saying I am a good guitarist, but I'm a guitarist, though.

Practice, practice, practice … and practice, then more and more, practice, practice … After a week of guitar that uses the stars, give it time – be patient, and he alone.

how to play guitar scales together