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learn to play guitar cd rom
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his laptop does not work … Help?

I have a Gateway MX7120 … My sister's laptop when he arrived at his new space. Sound is used to working, but no more … I do not know when it stopped. The only noise it makes is a sound, like when an error message appears. Also beeps all the pictures I receive, which is annoying. The friend of my mother and told me to go to gateway.com and install the sound drivers on my computer, but I tried and did not work. I also tried connecting the headset (not working) and connected in some speakers (again, no job) … What can I do? I really need it because I have a CD-ROM so you can learn to play guitar and I need to make sound, the impression you so I can see videos and music. Please Help me if you can. Thank you. :] How can I reinstall the operating system? Do not kill everything on my computer? Ahhh. Lol.

When the gateway is installed units what happened? Is it installed without any error or stop the installation of the half?. Go to Manager device (right click on My Computer> Manage)>> Go to the section titled Device Manager. This is a list of all devices and device drivers incorrectly marked with yellow exclamation mark or red / question / line of sight. Do not you see any exclamation question marks or yellow? If not, expand the "Sound, video and game controllers" section, I can tell you exactly what is on the list?

learn to play guitar cd rom