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learn guitar for worship
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Is this a good guitar or not?

Okay so im getting a new guitar … My first made good … and I'm pretty good. I am a beginner fast and can learn a song in one to four days … depends on the song. I am a girl, so I have arms and hands …. and I'm going to use guitar, not only for personal use but to help lead worship at my church … the guitar is the Ibanez Talman Series … the TCM60. http://www.ibanez.com/AcousticGuitars/model-TCM60BBU almost no one … but I think it is very nice, does anyone know if this is a good guitar? Be more or less all Ibanez guitars are great … but I wonder thank you for the help:]

Agree with the poster above. The guitar is nice and the ladies have no weapons stronger than men, and secondly Luna Guitars place looks a lot like her, but nice finish.

learn guitar for worship

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