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learn music

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I want to learn to play music you need advice?

My interest in music has developed over the years, and I'm tired of being like and discuss secular music and does not include things like harmony, rhythm, melody lines, etc. This I can do to learn music and how I can know what instrument should play?

If you want to learn harmony, the easiest way would be learning an instrument keyboard, piano, organ, accordion, vibraphone, etc. can play more than one note at a very easy harmony learning. Guitar is a unique tool for learning harmony. if you do not mind the change of instruments, Low is an excellent starting point. Although it can not be a great bass player do not understand the ropes above you, but the bass will give you an idea the structure of music. Many guitarists have to evolve as a better understanding of progressions. start with songs that you like. If you are interested by the music you play, the more likely to remain concerned that if you go to a lady of 97 years that was something akin to teaching music pre-Mary Poppins is a blockbuster. once a bit to get an idea of what you do, find someone to play with. the only way to improve especially in jazz, playing with people who are better than you. Good luck to you. keep jammin.

learn music