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play guitar basics
How to Play Guitar: The Basics : Basic Guitar Chords

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I want to learn to play guitar, please help?

Since I was little, I always loved the sound of the guitar I like noise, but my friend gave me his electric guitar (just a cheap, but it sounds good), I have some questions. 1) If you want to know how to play acoustic, I can learn "to power, or is there a difference? I mean, I know the difference as sound, but I can still learn about electricity? 2) I am a strong person will be, I can tell if what I want, just never had the opportunity until now I have this guitar, I want to know, is there an online site that I'm going to teach the basics of the guitar for free, and the agreements and everything. I do not care who have to pay, I can not find. but is it really a place you teach for free? or just the basics for me to start? ]

1.Yes, you can start on an electric guitar. but it will take some time to used to sound like it's a little harder to play. 2. try check the course for beginners! (This web page has changed my life) and also:!

play guitar basics