Greatest Female Guitar Players

greatest female guitar players
The best Female Guitarist

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How to find a group? Help?

I play guitar and guitar lessons for almost 2 years. I am 17 years old and last year High School. I'm not a big lead, but I am a good player Rhythm (I was told that I have a perfect timing: D). The musicians all we have in our school (Is it a small school) are a group of youths who think it is hotter then Sh ^ t. I am a girl, probably the best guitarist of women in school (Which is sad when you think …) so no other girls around to form a group. All children have their own groups and do not want to play with me at all cases. Really want to get into a group, because suddenly there's this huge boost that I must live and preforms If you answer this call, I am afraid that I will never have the courage to do it again! So how can someone like me find a group with people my age and maybe even my level? I Having websites, but do people really take these seriously? Any help is appreciated!

Hey! I'm sixteen and I took the guitar for a few years. All children in my school are exactly right! I preform alone in the cafes at some point if I'm wrong for the money, I was looking for you everywhere for some people to start a band. You should ask your school, not even talking to some guys. It can not hurt. I say that the Web site of any way, the list box in your city looking for musicians. Good luck! I'm looking too! But if you really can not really just do a little solo acoustic sounds good. Meeting in a little money stores, such as cafes, and can be fun.

greatest female guitar players