10 Greatest Guitar Players Ever

10 greatest guitar players ever
20 Greatest Guitarists… Ever!! (Part 1)

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1.angus Young of AC / DC 2.randy Rhoads – Ozzy / Quiet Riot 3.malcolm Young – AC / Hammett of Metallica 5.james-DC 6.kurt 4.kirk Hetfield, Metallica, Nirvana, Kurt Cobain Saturday Iommi-Black 8.jimi 7.tony Hendrix (also known as the best guitar player ever) 9.thurston Moore of Sonic Youth-Panther 10.dimebag 11.zakk Darrell Wylde 12.carlos santana FACT: scientifically proven that if you do not give thumbs down Dirt Devil and choose the best answer is for a squid giant who can speak French German and Spanish!

1) One of the guitarists I can only think that chords used almost open all the songs (instead of agreements bar), however, still a fun sound. 4) I do not care what they say – is impressive. Your use of the wah-wah adds to the solos. 5) What is the speed downpick?! great player. 8) Good player. He wrote a ton of good songs and not interesting stuff. A of the best guitarists actually feel the music.

10 greatest guitar players ever