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Help Open major chord?

I'm learning to play the electric guitar, and I have this book that I practice Besides the big open chords with. GADS'm learning agreements, and G said: e | 3 B | 3 G | 0 D | 0 A | E 2 | 3 But I have an ipod consistent application and wrote her: e | 3 B | 0 G | 0 D | 0 A | 2 E | 3 What is correct? The book also says that the D chord is played with the 6th cord is cut, but said that the iPod application to silence the 6 th and 5. Or does not really matter?

The book is to add 5 shows a G chord. This is a common variation of G. The iPod application is showing that the standard version. As for the book chain D demonstrated D / A chord is a D major to A on the root note. The iPod version is correct

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