How To Learn Guitar Theory

how to learn guitar theory
Basic Music and Guitar theory lesson

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How to learn guitar effectively?

Hello, I play the guitar for 2, maybe 3 months. I started learning a few basic chords, and I learned two songs. I do not want to continue to learn a song a while I think it's bad and ineffective to learn the guitar. I learn a little theory so you can start working on really understanding how the guitar. I begin this learning symbols such that the average round notes, etc. Before going further in theory, would be the best way to learn more agreements? These are the people I know, A, Am, Asus2, Asus4, C, C7, C2, D, Dsus2, Dsus4, Dm, DM2, DM4, E, E7, Em, F, F7, G, G / B and I'm Bm … What do I need before committing keep embarking on a mission to understand the theory? (Also one more thing. I tried to learn the duration of the notes are different, half, whole, eighth, etc. However, I am not sure how long, a "beat" drive. A note of all is "four times." However, I'm not sure how long.)

You should know three ways to play E, A, D, G and C major and minor. Learn nut case, so that you can play all major and minor chords in two ways. Then enter the seventh chords. A rhythm is entirely based on the tempo. Tempo is basically speed. Like Dragonforce is like 200 beats per minute, making an incredibly fast time. By cons there are theories, classical music of any kind will be much more slow and the pace goes. A stroke is all based on refence, depending on how fast the song is actually about how fast you play.

how to learn guitar theory