Learn How To Play Guitar Blues

learn how to play guitar blues

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Learn to play guitar without an instructor …?

Hello: D I need help, I'm pretty good at the piano, but I learned always loved the guitar, but I'll pay for a coach is … I want to be able to play almost every song (not the only professionals who are so difficult to do, but you know, the average), not idling a paper in front of me all the time, but the speed very well learned … As styles, but I want to be a bit better: 1. Spanish style 2. Blues 3. Classic style So please help me, tell me what I need to learn all the special programs to follow, but I do not want to be spending about 5 years, maby be good for playing after about 7 months? Help please: D Thanks for your answer: D Hopefully others will say something … I forgot to mention that I do not know how to read here, I read, but I really do not understand …

First, I suggest you look at some lessons in the channel below. He teaches mainly in blues and rock, but songs that make another kind from time to time. So while you are doing, learn a few guitar chords. You can search for "guitar" in Google and a list of some or all guitar chords.

learn how to play guitar blues