Learn To Play Guitar By Chords

learn to play guitar by chords

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What is easier to play the guitar chords or tabs?

I am a beginner. I mean, as I just started teaching myself (with help from YouTube LOL) A few days ago, so I do not know much about guitars. My cousin told me that learning to read guitar parts because it is easier. But I do not know what to say because I do not know the difference between tabs and chords and I'm a newbie. LOL So yes, what do you think it is easy to play here or a deal? (BTW I already thought of a few chords, so I do not know if I'm on the right track)

The simplest procedure is wasting time with the chords of his fingers the strings and the formation of callus. In addition, it will help to achieve greater independence in fingers when you try other finger chords. You do not need a brain to read labels either. This is intuitive and very explicit. Here's a good line if you want to learn tab symbols. Enjoy http://www.howtotuneaguitar.org/lessons/the-basics/how-to-read-guitar-tab/

learn to play guitar by chords