Play Guitar Standing Up

play guitar standing up
Apache Guitar Cover (my first song standing up 😀 ) by Andrew Goldsmith

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How can I play guitar standing with my guitar for?

I can play with my guitar stand shoulder to the chest as well. However, I'm gay. I try to take only low enough to look good, but the fingers I can not do well unless you tilt the neck up. When I do this, I do I can palm mute and feels akward if I do, and I'm scraping the strings, thus: Selection v string is not very clear but u get the picture. If I try to turn hand wrist fatigue. How to play my guitar with the reputation of hanging?

Obviously, you do not. Of course, it seems good to be there with his guitar drag his crotch, but you can not really play that way without running the risk of injury by turning the wrists and hands in awkward positions tense. We must therefore decide to go to fashion, or play. Personally, I would vote to play well, but YMMV. You do not need the guitar all the way up to breast height, however. Try the guitar down around the waist. Adjust the strap so the guitar is in the same position and at the same height to stand and that's when you feel, you will feel at ease in both directions.

play guitar standing up