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learn guitar chicago
Chicago – Color My World Guitar lesson

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How do I find people interested in learning the guitar on youtube?

My name is Chris and I am a guitar guru, instructor, Meister, ninja, etc. .. depending on who I am a teacher:) I live in Chicago. If anyone here looking for lessons from one of last real rate around, to contact me here or on my youtube. Anyway, this question is actually an invitation to anyone out there who a profile on YouTube that you want to link to a good network. Search existence as GuitarArchive. I was compiling a list of Files of the best guitar performance and video that I found, and now its perfect enough to start sharing with people. So from from there and send me a friend request so we can talk a little guitar! Thank you!

To send private messages to contact musicians Web sites ask how you are doing now, advertising on websites that you are a member / _ _ _ _ _ _ own _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-Jake

learn guitar chicago

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