Play Guitar Or Bass

play guitar or bass
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Should I play bass or guitar?

hey my mom finally let me play the guitar after many years so boring piano. I plays the electric guitar or bass? Personally I play electric, but my friends have a band and are looking for a bass. answer these questions: 1. it is easier to play? 2. the main type of music is not playing bass? 3. I play bass or electric? THANK YOU!

1. As low as it has only 4 strings, a little less to learn 2. All types of music. Under is incorporated in all major styles of music. 3. Definitely supply. You have to play you want to play. His friends are looking for a minimum, but 2 years into the future, who knows if the children are still in a band together let your friends only. In addition to his piano skills will be more useful with an electric motor you would with a bass, just because of the triads and investment agreements. But eventually, you get what you want to play.

play guitar or bass