How To Play Guitar Notes Fingers

how to play guitar notes fingers
BC-106 • Body Posture and Finger Placement (Guitar Lesson)

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How can I learn the notes on a fretboard?

I mean if I hear someone humming a note, I know exactly where I put my finger on the guitar to play. PS I know all the notes are but I have no idea what they look like. Are there any exercises? or software? or website? or a book? Elese or something? I mean, if I hear someone sing a note I WANT TO LEARN so I know where to put my finger and play.

Sounds like you want to play guitar. if so, did you play guitar and rythum get an idea of the agreements? otherwise, you're not ready to worry about playing notes. person who knows where are the notes on how you can not know how they sound? This means that you know where they are, but not on the staff of the mast? but I think to answer your question, yes there are books in scoring. music store shek abd ask it.learn someone to stop and a great help too.there are plenty of good sites, here are some you can google the rest.

how to play guitar notes fingers

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