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"I can play the guitar chords or tabs Jam Sessions Nintendo DS?

If yes, how? I looked on the Internet and cover part, but everyone needs six strings. Jam Sessions game has only 1. I have an acoustic guitar and am learning to play, but I know I can play here or agreements (which is what?) in free play mode in jam sessions. Thank you! please?

I did not play Jam Sessions DS, but I saw how to play on youtube. I'm not really true, but it seems you can make several notes at once by clicking once. And I'm sure the sound comes out is the strings. That means if you or someone who can decide how to play chords with Jam Sessions DS and the chord of the blade, you can do any kind of music you want. And you can do, it is preferable to the person who can play music by ear and you have to spend Time Jam Sessions on DS.

learn guitar modes free