Guitar Pro Exercises

guitar pro exercises
Jeff Williams How to Play Chromatic Scale Exercise using Guitar Pro 5

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learning acoustic guitar?

I try to learn audio, but I'm not interested in a teacher. I wonder Should I try to learn at first, and go from there. I work with guitar pro exercises last week and seems to help. I felt like the learning of chords and scales using … any ideas? a base to work on what would be good

I play acoustic for 50 years. I found that seeing other people who play better than me is a big help. I go home and copy your movements fingers and applications accordingly. I would take a book. Learn what you can from it and then put it aside. Practice everything you can … even if you do not believe they are not learning, you are. His fingers are longer in memory. Also remember the "ah-ah" factor of … something is going to make trays, then happens and you realize you've mounted above with a new technique or progression. I know you've heard before … but it's true … the only way to improve practice. But not too much to do. When you feel you can not play more, then stop and go do something else, then return with a fresh mind … the worst thing you can do is burn and never drink again. Good luck … and above all .. HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!

guitar pro exercises